A Passion for Art & Design


Word of Mouth was officially launched in 2010 after over 10 years of pro-bono work  experience in a wide range of events. Creator and owner, Kim Moayed, began  her love affair for the Arts at a very young age and developed many skills through the years, building a well-rounded expertise in Visual Design.


A self proclaimed "Jane of all Trades," Kim studied Fine Arts at Otis School of Art & Design in Los Angeles and Interior Design & Architecture at The Art Institute of  Houston. These skills are translated in a various amount of ways including furniture layout and event space planning as well as color scheme selections and coordinating details. With expertise of Interior Design, the beauty and amazement of every special event will be encased in the atmosphere that represents each clients' vision and personality.

Owner & Lead Designer Kim Moayed

Photo by: Roshan Moayed

Winning awards and gaining scholarships through her work kept the thrive alive in  Kim's artistic endeavors.  Developing and refining her skills aside researching the  latest trends in the arts and design world keep her visions current and relevant in today's event planning industry.


With her creative background and deep passion for planning social events, Kim has  a unique approach to coordinating and executing events and weddings. As an  illustrator, she creates visual renderings for her clients during the planning process. This approach helps the client visualize their ideas and see how they will come to a reality. In addition to utilizing her artistic gift in the planning process, clients can make use of her talent by selecting special, hand-crafted creations that add a personalized touch that cannot be purchased from a typical store. Directional signs customized to any theme, portraits, specialty decor and props are among a few of the items available to our clients by request.


Most Word of Mouth events have featured a handmade item from Kim's expertise. Whether it be painted, sculpted, or crafted, there is no limit to the level of unique creativity we can bring to your event.

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